Hanjiro Ambrose receives UC Davis CTECH Ph.D. Dissertation Award

Jaller, Ambrose, and Kendall.

Hanjiro Ambrose was recently granted the UC Davis CTECH Ph.D. Dissertation Award. His dissertation is titled “Life Cycle Modelling of Technologies and Strategies for Pollution Abatement: A Study of Heavy Duty Vehicle Systems”.

His research in the Kendall Group addresses two of CTECH’s focus areas, Freight Transportation and Community Health and Energy, Technology and Policy Pathways. His lead faculty advisor noted that ‘he is deeply committed to sustainable transportation policy, and pursues his research in this field with a view of the real-world issues that face communities and policymakers’. 

Pictured in this photo are Professor Miguel Jaller, Hanjiro Ambrose, and Professor Alissa Kendall.