The center organizes its research activities through six thrusts:

1. Behavior, Active Transportation, and Community Health, which studies the links between travel behavior, active transportation, the built environment, and health;

2. New Transportation Technologies and Business Models, which explores how mobility-on-demand services can be used to improve environmental sustainability and human health;

3. Green Multimodal Transportation Systems, which leverages new mobility technologies to promote sustainable and health-enhancing modal integration;

4. Freight Transportation and Community Health, which explores new vehicle technologies and operation paradigms to reduce human exposure to truck exhaust;

5. Data-Driven Transportation-Health Informatics, which leverages Smart City and IoT (Internet-of-Things) technologies to develop community-based and personalized transportation-health indices for promoting heathy mobility choices; and

6. Energy, Technology and Policy Pathways, which studies the impact of different combinations of energy, technology and policy pathways on the environment and community health. The consortium, consisting of Cornell, UC Davis, USF and UTEP, assembled a team of renowned researchers to collaboratively advance these research activities and goals.