UC Davis Hosts RoboPlay Competition for K-12 Students

The 2018 C-STEM Center RoboPlay Challenge Competition for elementary, middle and high school students was held Saturday, May 19, at the ARC Pavilion, University of California, Davis, and at University High School in Irvine, California. The center also is announcing the free Girls in Robotics Leadership summer camps and professional development opportunities for teachers.

The RoboPlay competition is for students who have been taking classes developed by the Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education, or C-STEM, at UC Davis. The event caps a year of working with robots to learn algebra, mathematics and programming and is an opportunity for students to show their skills. This year, 120 school teams took part at UC Davis and 35 teams in Irvine.

The theme of this year’s RoboPlay competition was “Manufacturing and Automation.” Teams will also show videos they have produced for the RoboPlay Video Competition, which encourages students to test their creativity in writing, editing and video production with programmable robots. This year, 91 videos have been submitted by student teams.

More information is available on the RoboPlay Challenge website.