Ride sharing, transit systems and Performance measure of sustainable transportation system

Oliver Gao

Samitha Samaranayake

Assistant Professor
Cornell University
School of Civil and
Environmental Engineering


Professor Todd Cowen

Bridgette Brady

Senior Director of Cornell Transportation and Mail Services
Division of Infrastructure, Properties and Planning
Cornell University


In this lab session, students were introduced to the diverse and interdisciplinary elements that are considered in the design of ride-sharing and transit systems, with a focus on the new technological advancements surrounding on-demand services. We discussed the problem through both high level concepts and an interactive design game in which students competed to build the best subway system improvements for New York City. We also discussed how new ride-hailing services can help and/or hurt transit services.

Performance measure of sustainable transportation system
Universities function as cities, this is particularly noticeable when you realize the demands placed on the transportation systems. University transportation professionals recognize their roles in supporting Smart and Healthy Cities. However, currently there isn’t a tool with which to measure the efficacy of the use of transportation resources. Students had the opportunity to participate in an interactive polling session to further assist CTECH and the U.S. Green Building Council in the development of methods for measuring the performance of sustainable transportation systems.

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