University of Texas at El Paso Projects

Development of a metric to evaluate the impact of transportation-environment on community health (Cheu)

The objective of this research is to develop a metric which can be served as a decision support tool for engineers, planners, public health officers, and other decision makers to evaluate the health status of a community. To measure a community’s health, the metric will consist of a few criteria, and each criteria consists of several measurable indicators, with identified sources of data. The metric will be a useful tool for users to assess the impact of a research project, a public policy and et cetera on community health in a holistic framework. It will be developed through literature review, focus group interview, and survey.

Vulnerable user road safety enhancements for transportation asset management (Chang)

The purpose of Transportation Asset Management (TAM) is to provide a required level of service of transportation infrastructure assets in the most cost-effective manner, while providing safe transportation options to all users. In urban areas these users include not only motorized vehicles, but also pedestrians, cyclists, aging users, as well as users with disabilities. It is crucial that the TAM decision-making incorporates the needs of all users using the transportation infrastructure, in order to promote transportation options that foster healthy life-style, improve quality of life, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions and inequity.