Cornell University Projects

Active Transportation, Environment, and Health (Daziano)

Active transportation –cycling and biking– not only are sustainable travel modes with zero environmental impact, but also have associated health benefits. However, in comparison with motorized transportation, the motives underlying demand for active transportation –especially beyond recreational purposes– is poorly understood, especially because the standard tradeoff between travel time and cost does not apply to active modes (as it is virtually free and usually takes longer). Read Full description

Environment, Health, and Transportation Infrastructure Networks (Gao)

Public Health Costs Accounting of PM2.5 Pollution in Metropolitan Areas in the United States: Air quality management is important for the protection of public health, particularly in metropolitan areas where large and dense populations are usually exposed to elevated air pollution. Read full description

Designing Cross-subsidy Mechanisms for Sustainable Multi-modal Transportation Systems (Nozick)

This project focuses on the development of modeling tools to support the design of cross-subsidy mechanisms in multi-modal passenger transportation networks by integrating road congestion pricing and multi-modal transportation services design. The modeling tools will explicitly include the environmental impacts (including downstream health impacts) as well as economic and equity impacts in defining how these cross-subsidy mechanisms are designed. Read full description

Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Mobility-on-Demand Systems (Samaranayake)

In this work, we wish to assess the environmental and public health impacts of MoD systems using integrated systems modeling of transportation, emissions, air quality, and public exposure. Read full description